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A lot of the elder people would dream of having of their own wonderful and fascinating are in their property. It could be somewhere where they could sit and relax. There could be some people who would like to have their own big space for cooking delicious dishes and most of the men would think of having their own complete tools and wide enough to cater their cars and garage.  


These are some of the stuff that some would think of every time they would consider renovating their places. But most common to this is having an out of this world and fancy back yard or commonly called as outdoor garden where you could have a party, enjoy afternoon tea, let your kids enjoy the mini pool and plant the beautiful flowering plants you know. In making this possible you need to think of the ornamental vegetation that you are going to take care, the hardscaping, the path, the area and even your own budget for making this one possible.  

It is fine to do it on your own especially if you have tools and equipment for landscaping. But you are more on the result and the outcome of what you are going to do. Landscapers could have enough knowledge on what and how to do it. They are professional to get the basic foundation of the things you want for your garden or outdoor area. They could even give you some ideas that you could benefit and make it more excellent to see and to consider. But before you hire someone, you need to get to know them first, you don’t want to waste your money paying this person and the result is dissatisfied.  

Before you contact one, you need to get the measurement of the area where you want to put your grade, or patio or your pool. In this way, it would be easier for you to suggest things to the landscaper and the same thing goes to you as they could easily discuss of the possible things that they could do with that specific area.  

You need to be honest to your contractors. Give them the possible amount of money or budget that you can afford only. This will be their turning point and decide what kind of things are they going to use and of course the labor that they could get. If you just wanted to renovate the place or area, it means less budget as you don’t need to buy other stuff to make it beautiful as you already have it.  

You can make a list of the things that you wanted to see there It includes the design, the decorations you are planning to put, the plants that you think is nice, chairs, and even tables. If you are not so sure of it. You are very much welcome to search online of the examples of these.  

Contact your landscaper and tell them the ideas you have now. Talk about the contract and the possible agreement that you could have between the two of you. They can give you a quotation and options. Don’t hurry to sign the contract. You still have time to think about it deeply before you close the deal.  


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Important Tips About LED Landscape Lighting You Need to Find Out 

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The landscape industry has many developments since the emergence of LED technology. LED landscape lighting is becoming the best option for a variety of outdoor lighting installations and applications and the old halogen system has been replaced and upgraded to this type of lighting. One reason is that LEDs are the most efficient light because they last the longest compared to other competing technology while providing you a very good quality of light at a very affordable price.  

LED Landscape

Where to Begin 

Determine the area you need to light as it does not necessarily take many lighting fixtures to illuminate the entire landscape area. It is recommended that you do not provide lighting to all areas, but rather light the features you want to show off or emphasize in a landscape. Select some features and light them well. 

Consider the Color Temperature 

The most noticeable quality difference between a normal bulb and an LED is the color temperature they provide. A normal bulb provides a yellow tinge in the landscape resulting to a bland color (as yellow light covers the natural green color of trees) while an LED light gives off white light that emphasizes the green color of the trees and grass. 

Even if within the LED choices, color temperatures might differ. Color temperature is measured in Kelvin scale. 3500 Kelvin and above temperatures which give off bluer tinge are considered to have a cooler color temperature. 3000 Kelvin and below provides warm color.  

Layered Lighting 

Layered lighting basically means the highs and lows of lighting to add beauty to the landscape. This manifests how creative a person can be when it comes to providing different levels of lights in different areas. This effectively creates different moods to different locations you wish to highlight and emphasize. You can achieve layered lighting by providing different lights on different circuits. Another thing you can do is to try putting dimmers and light controls to have a variety of lighting settings. 

In addition to dimmers and lighting controls, you can add the following: 

  • Sunlight-activated sensors that effectively shuts off LED lights when daylight is present 
  • Time clock sensors that predict sunrise/sunset times a day and switches on/off the light (same with sunlight sensors) 
  • Motion-activated sensors that automatically turn on when a motion is detected and turns off when no motion is detected. This is ideal for security and pathway lighting. 

These sensors can save you energy by turning off when the LED lights are not necessary. 

Things to Look for When Choosing Landscape Lights 

  1. QualityMaterials – good looking LED lightsdo not mean good quality and durability. Opt for solid brass, stainless steel, or stainless aluminum rather than plastic or recycled aluminum. 
  2. LightsPerformance – select the light that has multiple beam angles, high-efficiency optics, full-definition lighting, and has no hot spots no color separation, and no sharp edges. Also, make sure that they are water-resistant to must be ETL certified.
  3. Features andAesthetics – LED lights to come in different styles, colors, and types. Make sure you buy what is ideal for a specific landscape lighting. Explore different possibilities by trying out different designs and features.
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